When a Battlefield 1 Trailer Loses the DICE Magic
Battlefield 1 DLC

Outside of maybe Blizzard, DICE is the king of making video game trailers. Scripted sequences make for a great marketing trailer. Just look at the Gamescom trailer.

But what happens when you strip the DICE magic? When you lose the trademark Battlefield ‘moments?’

YouTubber CrowbCat delivers in a hilarious way with his trailer for Battlefield 1. Good music? Check. Scripted moments? Nope. Battlefield ‘moments?’ You can call them that.

I knew horses were OP, but holy shit! A Flame Trooper and Sentry riding atop one? That’s not a glitch. That’s awesome!

I saw my share of flying bodies and dead soldiers stuck in walls. But some of these are absurd. Did you see any crazy glitches during your time with Battlefield 1? Tell me about them in the comments.

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