That’s the plan anyways. A sizable update is hitting Battlefield 1 tomorrow. Besides adding a new map (Giant’s Shadow) and a new Support gadget (the Grenade Crossbow, which is based in reality), DICE is adding the usual batch of tweaks and fixes.

The entire patch notes will be available once the update hits tomorrow, but the devs did single out shotguns in today’s blog post. Fell in love with the buckshot variants? Prepare to fall out of love.

“Shotgun balance has been addressed in this update, with the primary goal of evening out advantages and disadvantages of each shotgun type,” DICE writes. “Some shotguns were unintentionally strong at certain distances and to address this we reduced the range for the buckshot variants of the M97 Trench Gun, Model 10-A, and Sawed Off Shotgun, reducing the maximum one-hit kill distance.”

Welp, I guess my Model 10-A is going back to the armory. We’ll have to wait and see just how much DICE tweaked them, but from the sound of it, the tweak was substantial.

Shotguns weren’t the only tweaks in tomorrow’s update. DICE mentions changes to syringe cooldown, sprinting, spawning into a Landship and more. The patch notes will be posted once they go live (I’ll also update this post). UPDATE: Here are the patch notes according to Reddit. DICE finally fixed the inability to sprint out of crouch and prone. It’s about damn time!

Another much-requested feature coming tomorrow is Spectator Mode. You can join in live Battlefield 1 match as an observer. You’ll be able to switch between first and third-person (Player View), Table Top and Free Cam. DICE wants to give players the tools to make cinematic videos of multiplayer matches. PC Battlefield fans have been doing this for years. But the inclusion of Spectator Mode brings the capabilities to console players for the first time.

Here’s one of my favorite Battlefield 4 cinematic movies.

The last major feature is a new Custom Game option called Standard Issue Rifles. With this toggled on, all classes get access to their faction’s standard issue rifle (and this rifle). “These weapons are not equipped with optics, and are intended to provide players with gameplay inspired by the WW1 trenches.”

Tomorrow’s update won’t be the last. DICE promises to continue listening to our feedback and will push out more updates and new content. Hey DICE, can Assault get a better mid to long-range weapon? Thanks.

Giant’s Shadow will have to keep us occupied until the first expansion, They Shall Not Pass, hits digital storefronts in March 2017.

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