I’m sorry Medics. I’m that guy that sometimes presses ‘skip’ even when you’re running towards me. Part of it is habit. Part of it is I know the same tank that blew me up will blow me up again if you revive me. And part of it is me waiting for you to reach me only to watch the distance counter shoot up as you run away.

The Battlefield 1 spring update is here to help both sides. One big feature coming today is something DICE is calling “medic revive intent.” They describe the struggle of many Battlefield 1 Medics.

“If you’ve ever played as a Medic, dashing through hailstorms of bullets and explosions disregarding your own safety to get to a fallen team mate, only to have them “skip” at the very last second, you know how frustrating it can be.”

DICE’s solution is to let you ‘spot’ dead players. A prompt pops up that an incoming medic is coming to save your ass and subtly tell you to keep your damn finger off the ‘skip’ button. Here’s an image showing the new prompt in the bottom left corner.

Battlefield 1 incoming medic

The incoming medic will also shout to let you know he’s on the way.

This won’t fix the issue entirely, but at least those of us dead won’t have to sit around wondering why three medics within 15 meters haven’t picked us up yet.

Team up with Platoons

I was hoping for an expansion of the five-player squad limit, but Platoons are DICE’s take on clans/guilds/groups. You and up to 100 friends can team up under one platoon.

Platoons also can have custom emblems that will show up under a flag you are capturing.

Battlefield 1 platoon emblem

Yep, this will definitely stay PG.

The devs do stress they plan to expand the Platoon feature even more in the future. A blog post goes deeper into detail about how they’re going to work starting today.

Four new weapon variants are also being introduced today, one for each class.

Hellriegel 1915 Defensive
Selbstlader 1906 Sniper
Huot Automatic Optical
Martini Henry Sniper

Special weapon assignments will need to be completed to unlock each one.

Another grenade tweak

Today’s update brings tweaks to the regenerating grenades DICE added earlier this year. Lethal grenade supply timers have been increased across the board. Also, grenades will no longer resupply unless a player is near an ammo box or pack. Plus, the resupply rate modifier for the ammo box goes up to 3.5x (from 3.0x) for all lethal grenades.

That means the old system is mostly back in place. Starting today, a Frag takes 49 seconds to resupply after throwing it. But you won’t automatically get it at 49 seconds. You’ll need to run over an ammo box or pack. Or you can throw a grenade while near an ammo box and resupply 3.5x faster.

Incoming suppression will also affect how you resupply. If you’re not near an ammo box, resupply progress will stop. If you are near one, it will reduce to two-thirds its normal value. Bottom line, the crazy grenade spam in modes like Operations and Frontlines should alleviate somewhat.

There are a lot more tweaks in today’s update including changes to planes and the damage done to them. Check out the full patch notes here.

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