Battlefield 1 is taking a multi-character approach to the single-player story this go around. Anyone following Battlefield 1 knew this, but now we know the specific roles we’ll be taking thanks to an ESRB rating summary. As expected, Battlefield 1 earned a ‘Mature’ rating. But the summary also tells us players will “assume the roles of fighter pilot, armor crewman, rebel fighter, and message runner in order to complete missions.”

Here’s the full summary:

This is a first-person shooter set in various locations during World War I. As players progress through the storyline, they assume the roles of fighter pilot, armor crewman, rebel fighter, and message runner in order to complete missions. Characters use rifles, pistols, machine guns, and grenades to kill enemy soldiers in frenetic, realistic combat. Battles are highlighted by frequent gunfire, cries of pain, and explosions. Some sequences depict enemies wielding flamethrowers; soldiers can be heard screaming while engulfed in flames. Players can also use knives or bayonets to stab enemies in stealth attacks. Splashes of blood can be seen when enemies are hit; one sequence depicts blood and corpses on a beach after a battle. The word “f**k” appears in the dialogue.

That last line cracks me up. The ESRB goes on and on about all the violence and then just says, “Oh yeah, the word ‘f**k’ appears sometimes.” Hell, that’s probably what gave Battlefield 1 the ‘Mature’ rating. Who cares about all the bodies laying everywhere.

Battlefield 1 campaign leak confirmed?

What’s interesting about this summary is it seems to confirm a leak from earlier this year. Twitter user txt231 posted the names of the single-player missions back in May. And the name of Battlefield 1 before DICE even revealed the game.

I know, I know, it’s Twitter. But the name of one of the missions, specifically ‘The Runner,’ lines up with the fact that we will play as a message runner in the game. I’m leaning towards that leak being legitimate.

We know Battlefield 1’s campaign isn’t going to follow the traditional campaigns of year’s past. Hell, that’s a good thing. Not that I would know. I haven’t finished a Battlefield campaign since Bad Company.

DICE told GameInformer back at E3 they want the campaign to feel more like Battlefield. What does that mean? More vehicles and more choices.

Look for Battlefield 1’s campaign to give us snapshots of various battles and locales during World War 1. DICE wants the campaign to feel fun above all else. Don’t expect a documentary. We’ll be playing several moments throughout the entirety of World War 1.

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