Advances in engineering far outstripped tactics in World War 1. Commanders had to adjust very quickly to the changing landscape on the battlefield. The first variants of submachine guns and assault rifles were deployed in this era. As were tanks.

“Whether you’re blasting holes in walls and taking down hidden enemies or sniping from across the map, you’ll find the gunplay in Battlefield 1 feels modern and fun,” DICE writes on their website.

Yesterday, the developer released their first Battlefield 1 Gameplay Series video focused on weapons.

The old feels new in Battlefield 1. Lars Gustavsson, design director on Battlefield 1, talks about how Battlefield 1 lets them visit a new world. From a Battlefield perspective anyways. He talks about how they’re not just designing another M-16.

World War 1 gives them a setting to shake things up, while still keeping fun, tight core gunplay. The Great War was a clash of old vs. new. Medieval-esque clubs and fast-firing machine guns. Horses and tanks. Planes and blimps.

“All of these tools were created for a special purpose. Right there, right now they needed to solve a problem,” said Gustavsson. “And they came up with this variety of tools.”

We all know about DICE’s expertise on the audio front, and Battlefield 1 won’t disappoint. The developers talk about how much research they did in nailing the sound and feel of these weapons. Anyone who has played Battlefield and Battlefront knows DICE will nail the audio.

What we see in the Battlefield 1 weapons trailer

The trailer does a good job in giving us a brief glimpse at what to expect from Battlefield 1’s weapons.

Hate iron sights? Me too. The customization we enjoy in modern shooters is still here in Battlefield 1. DICE just wants it to me more focused. They strived to find a balance between customization players enjoy without dumping dozens of attachments per weapon. We see it in action with the MG15.

Battlefield 1 weapon attachments

For Battlefield 1, DICE is going with weapon presets for customization. Each weapon has up to three presets. The example DICE uses on their website is a shotgun. Want one with a little extra punch? How about more stability? You can select presets for your playstyle. Plus, each preset allows customization of zoom levels, reticles and more according to the developer.

The rest of the trailer shows quick cuts of sniper rifles, bayonet charges, mortars, anti-vehicle rifles, pistols and more.

It all looks fantastic, and I can’t wait to try the game for myself. An open beta is coming soon and should land just after (or during) Gamescom (August 17 – 21).

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