No one would fault DICE for putting all their energy into Battlefield V as it puts the finishing touches on the latest franchise entry. But, the folks behind Battlefield don’t rest on their older games until a new one is out the door. Hell, sometimes they keep supporting them beyond that like DICE LA did with Battlefield 4.

Today, DICE announced a livestream tomorrow detailing Battlefield 1’s Summer Update. The big news for Xbox One fans is 4K support for Xbox One X.

Well, it looks like I’m about to fire up Battlefield 1 again. My Xbox One X has spoiled me. Anytime I’m looking for a game to play I toggle the ‘Xbox One X Enhanced’ first.

While a Battlefield 1 4K update is great, the first reply on Twitter summed up my feelings perfectly.

I would play the hell out of Battlefield 4 in 4K. I enjoyed my time with Battlefield 1 and the Battlefield V alpha, but damn do I miss flying helicopters in Battlefield 4. Hurry up and get back to modern Battlefield, DICE.

Battlefield V Xbox One X enhancements

While we wait to hear more details about Battlefield 1’s enhancements (besides 4K), the Xbox listing for Battlefield V highlights 4K Ultra HD, HDR10, and Variable Refresh Rate. After seeing what DICE did with Star Wars Battlefront 2, I can’t wait to fire up my Xbox One X with Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V.

As we get closer to Battlefield V’s October release, we’ll see a new build at Gamescom in August and an open beta in early September. DICE is already tweaking the game based on feedback from the closed alpha. A blog post earlier this month dives into the gameplay changes already made.

Battlefield V is coming to on October 19. On October 11, folks subscribed to EA Access, and Origin Access can start playing via the ‘Play First Trial.’

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