Only one game is coming today via Xbox One Backward Compatibility, but it’s a good one. Jump back into Battlefield 1943 almost ten years after it released.

And yep, Battlefield 1943 also enters the EA Access vault today.

No mention of Xbox One X enhancements so expect the same 720p/30fps it launched with. It won’t be a looker or play as smooth as most Battlefield games, but damn if the gameplay isn’t a blast.

Let’s take a trip back to 2009 and watch the Battlefield 1943 trailer. And enjoy that excellent classic Battlefield music.

Hell, let’s do it one more time with a look at Wake Island.

There’s nothing quite like the classic Battlefield theme.

Battlefield 1943 won’t be the only World War II Battlefield game coming to Xbox One this year. EA/DICE revealed Battlefield V yesterday, and the trailer was stunning.

I thought some of that animation looked a little too smooth, but after watching JackFrags video on all the different changes coming, I can’t wait. Seriously, watch his video. Some folks in the press and YouTube were treated to a three hour behind the scene look at Battlefield V. What they are saying about it sounds insane. And makes you wonder why yesterday’s Battlefield V reveal didn’t include more of that info.

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