Battlefield 4’s fourth expansion (five are planned) releases tomorrow for premium members. In anticipation of the release, EA and DICE dropped another impressive trailer. In it, you’ll see the perfectly choreographed battles that hardly ever happen when you play across four new urban maps.

The four maps are Lumphini Garden, Pearl Market, Propaganda and Sunken Dragon. At least one will feature a massive Levolution event as seen in the trailer.

Besides four new maps, DICE in introducing a new game mode called Chainlink and adding 5 new weapons.

In Chainlink, teams fight for capture points similar to Conquest. There’s one big gameplay difference, though. Capturing adjacent capture points creates links. The more links your team has, the faster the other team’s tickets bleed. At first glance it appears heavily linear, but teams will have to flank each other in order to break links and gain the upper hand.

As for weapons, the Assault (Bulldog), Engineer (MPX) and Recon (CS5) classes get dedicated guns. All classes will get two new pistols, the Unica 6 and Deagle 44.

A riot shield and the R.A.W.R are two new pieces of equipment coming in Dragon’s Teeth. The riot shield can be used with the support class and the R.A.W.R is an in-game pickup. It comes armed with a machine gun plus four grenade launcher toobs. Ammo is limited to 450 rounds and four grenades.

Premium members can get their hands on Dragon’s Teeth starting tomorrow. For the rest of you, you’ll have to wait until July 29.


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