With E3 quickly approaching, game publishers are about to start their initial reveals for this holiday season’s biggest games. Call of Duty has been leaking all over the place. But surprisingly, we haven’t heard a peep from EA and DICE about the next Battlefield. That’s going to change next week. DICE will be hosting a world premiere event on May 6 with a livestream kicking off at 4 pm ET. Captain America: Civil War and the Battlefield 5 reveal on the same day? Feels like Christmas in May.

Battlefield 5 world premiere

The only thing we’ve heard about Battlefield 5 is rumors it will be set in World War I. I’m still skeptical about those rumors, but anything that’s not futuristic is a win in my book.

You know what be great? A ‘legacy’ game taking us through all the different time periods. World War I and II, Vietnam and modern day. That’s probably not going to happen, but it would be my dream game.

I don’t think Battlefield 5 will be futuristic. EA already has Titanfall 2 coming during its fiscal year 2017 (anytime between now and March 31, 2017). Unless EA plans to let one of these games slip to early 2017, I don’t see how they can push two shooters with similar settings.

Whatever DICE ends up doing with Battlefield 5, I want to see DICE LA help. More than 100,000 people still play Battlefield 4 every day. And the constant updates from DICE LA is a big reason why. EA has said DICE LA will probably work on their own game one day.

After the work they’ve done on Battlefield 4, I wouldn’t mind seeing them get a crack at the franchise one day. Hardline may have been a dud, but DICE LA knows the Battlefield community. I have no doubt they could make a great Battlefield game.

What do you want Battlefield 5 to be?

Where do you want Battlefield to go? With nearly every shooter moving deeper into the future, it would be nice to see Battlefield go the other direction.

How do you want DICE to evolve the Battlefield formula? I’m not so sure I want them to. Obviously, DICE needs to change up some things, but Battlefield 4 is great. Nearly three years later and I still play it from time to time. And love every minute of it.

We’ll know for sure what DICE’s vision for the next Battlefield is next Friday. Until then, let me know what you want to see from the next entry.


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