Battlefield Hardline’s current beta has passed 5 million players. The news comes from a tweet from Steve Papoutsis, General Manager at Visceral Games and Executive Producer for Battlefield Hardline.

“Wow, we’ve passed 5 MILLION players in the #BFHardline beta!” Papoutsis said on Twitter. “So proud of our team. Glad you’re having fun and keep that feedback coming.”

The Hardline beta is sitting at #5 right now on Xbox One’s most played games. I’ve seen it as high as #3 during the evening hours over the past week.

Want to see the top 10 games on Xbox One? Go to ‘Games’ on the Xbox One dashboard. Then ‘New Releases’ and scroll down to ‘Top Games Right Now’ to see the top 10 games on Xbox One.

Hardline is a departure in the Battlefield franchise. The emphasis on vehicular combat is out. At least, offensive vehicles like tanks, apaches, fighter jets, etc. Instead, Hardline is tailoring more towards infantry-focused combat.

I don’t mind the new focus for Hardline, but I will miss the epic tank battles on the Conquest in previous Battlefield titles. Also, the lack of destruction (especially on the Conquest map) is jarring. And, the graphics have seen zero upgrade (playing Xbox One version). Despite all of this, I’m still having fun with it. It won’t surpass Battlefield 4 in my book, but it will scratch the shooter itch until for a while.

The Battlefield Hardline beta will wrap up later today. The next entry into the Battlefield series will hit stores on March 17 in the U.S. and March 20 in the UK. It will release on both Xbox and Playstation platforms, and on PC.


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