EA/DICE’s marketing campaign for Battlefield V stumbled out of the gate, but that changes today. The Gamescom trailer for Battlefield 5 landed this morning, and it’s incredible. It’s not perfect (where’s my Battlefield theme music), but it’s so much better than every trailer before it. Let’s check it out.

The visuals and animation are just stunning. It shouldn’t surprise me anymore, but DICE always manages to up the visual ante. The trailer does a fantastic job of giving us cinematic cuts in between snippets of gameplay. And I’ll never tire of seeing a V1 rocket streak across the sky before the massive explosion knocks everyone off their feet.

I still miss my choppers from Battlefield 3 and 4, but after playing the closed alpha – I’m digging a lot of the new stuff DICE is adding to Battlefield V.

We do see a couple of new things in this trailer. Throwable knives are in. But it’s the Battle Royale tease at the end that’ll have most of us talking. It’s the definition of a tease, but damn it looks incredible.

A shrinking ring of fire replaces Fortnite’s storm and PUBG’s blue zone. It looks epic. Vehicles are in including tanks and trucks. It’s hard to gauge how big the matches will be in terms of player count and map size. I count at least six players alive as the fire closes in at the end. One jumping off the red tower. Three on foot. One tank and one truck.

Battlefield V battle royale

Now we know Battlefield can handle 64 players no problem. But the traditional 100 players Battle Royale is known for? It just depends on how DICE approaches it. There’s a lot we don’t know. Is the Battle Royale map a standalone map? Or does it take part of an existing map and expand on it? Hopefully, DICE spends part of Gamescom talking about Battlefield V’s Battle Royale mode.

Everyone will get hands-on time with Battlefield V during an open beta in early September. A new build of the game will also be showcased at Gamescom. Battlefield V is coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC on October 16. Folks subscribed to EA Access, and Origin Access can start playing on October 11.

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