Battlefield V Trailers Are Getting Better, Much Better

The marketing road to Battlefield V’s launch is filled with more potholes than a war-torn city street. DICE began turning it around with deep dives by developers, and a well put together story trailer. Today, we get 3+ minutes of multiplayer action to soak in. Each launch map is featured here, and we also get a sneak peek at the first post-launch map – Panzerstorm.

Let’s check it out.

Now that’s a solid Battlefield trailer. Check out how the tall grass gets blown over by the explosion at 1:20. It’s not quite stuffed with the epic Battlefield moments like other franchise trailers, but DICE’s David Sirland (multiplayer producer on Battlefield V) is teasing another trailer is on the way.

Can I get the Battlefield 4 trailer with a WWII skin?

I still get goosebumps when the theme kicks in on the second half.

DICE also released a bunch of info about each map in a series of blog posts. Everything from match tempo to a look at each capture point on every map is covered. The folks behind Battlefield V are doing everything they can to turn perception around on this game.

They don’t have to do anything for me. I’m already sold. The core gameplay during the beta was enough. Add in the changes they made after gathering all the feedback, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the final game. Oh, and we can finally get our hands on a game that uses RTX and see if that lives up to the hype.

We’ll finally get our hands on the final game this month. And it’s a bit all over the place depending on what edition you bought and if you’re subscribed to one of EA’s subscription plans. Release dates that aren’t set in stone started becoming more regular this Fall. Here’s how it breaks down for Battlefield V.

Regular edition – November 20
Deluxe edition (and Origin Access Premiere) – November 15
EA Access/Origin Access (Premiere) 10-hour trial – November 9

Yeah, that’s a bit ridiculous. Release date? More like release month.