DICE is going with another round of War Stories for Battlefield V. They were decent in Battlefield 1, but I would have liked each one to be a little longer. By the time you were enjoying one, it was over. And it looks like DICE might be addressing this in Battlefield V. A new single player trailer dropped this morning. Let’s take a look.

There will be three War Stories at launch according to the trailer above. That’s down from six in Battlefield 1. Hopefully, the length of each sees a nice bump.

The video’s description offers a short description for each.

Nordlys – “Resist German occupation in Norway.” We see the briefest tease of skiing in the trailer. Please let that be more than a tease, DICE.

Under No Flag – “Sabotage behind enemy lines as an unlikely English soldier.” This is where War Stories look bigger. We see an English soldier paddling away from a massive warship, driving a German half-track into a base, and a pair of soldiers getting attacked by an airplane. It feels bigger from the short glimpses. Here’s hoping it is.

Tirailleur – “Fight for a home you’ve never seen.” DICE wants to tell untold stories about World War 2, and this one is probably a part of WWII most don’t know about. The ‘Tirailleur’ title likely refers to the Senegalese Tirailleurs. They were a group of colonial infantry in the French Army recruited from Senegal, French West Africa. Tirailleur units fought at the Battle of France and saw action in Italy.

The Last Tiger (coming in December) – “Join the crew of a Tiger I as they question why they fight.” I can’t recall any big budget WWII game ever tackling a story from the German perspective.

Battlefield V’s single player looks fantastic. I’m crossing my fingers DICE builds on what they did in Battlefield 1 and deliver a single player campaign that is fantastic.

DICE and EA opted to delay Battlefield V to give them a little extra development time. Those disappointed in Call of Duty’s lack of a story might want to give the latest Battlefield a look. But it’s still primarily a multiplayer game. War Stories are the sides to the multiplayer’s main course. Plus, Battlefield is getting its own spin on the battle royale genre with Firestorm.

Get ready to trek through DICE’s telling of untold stories of World War 2 on November 20.

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