After a two-week hiatus, the folks at Bluehole are back at it tweaking and fixing Battlegrounds every week. This week’s update hit servers in the early morning hours. It’s not the meatiest update we’ve seen, but it’s good to see the devs fixing some of the problems still plaguing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Let’s take a look at the Week 8 Patch Notes.

Client Performances Improvements

– Slightly improved the drop in FPS when there are vehicles near the character


– In order to prevent using “lag switch” to cheat, the characters will now be locked and will not be able to move, rotate and attack others when the ping exceeds a certain value
– You will no longer be able to remove the environment foliage by revising the .ini file
Custom Games

– Fixed the issue that was causing the sound to break when there are too many vehicles in a small area

Bug Fixes

– Partially fixed a bug that caused the character to get stuck in different objects in the environment
– Partially fixed a bug that caused the game client to freeze
– Fixed a bug that caused the crosshair to still be visible while in no-UI mode
– Temporarily removed the flash bang from the game as it was causing game clients to freeze/crash

Not bad. Hopefully, that bug causing game clients to freeze gets completely knocked out soon. Damn annoying to leave a match only for the game to lock up.

RIP flashbang, and thank you Bluehole. Damn flashbangs would make my game drop to single digit FPS for a few seconds when I got hit by one. Never crashed for me, but it’s good to see the devs strip it out until they fix it.

The anti-cheat fixes are also good to see. Everyone’s ran into a firefight that has them raging at the PC monitor. I am curious to know what exactly the ping number Bluehole is using here. But hey, if it prevents me getting shot despite already being behind a building – I’m on board.

Now we wait for word on the next monthly update. Two new maps have been teased in recent weeks. I’m crossing my fingers we’ll see one of them soon, but no specific release dates have been mentioned by the developers.

What do you think of the fixes? Are you encountering any huge problems while playing Battlegrounds?

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