Square Enix and Eidos Montreal dropped the launch trailer for Thief this morning. The trailer helps paint the picture of Garrett’s latest tale, a look at his tortured past and the dangers that await him in the City.

Thief brings a couple of new things not seen in a while in games. You’ll have the ability to turn off the user interface and remove all directional and targeting hints to ramp up the challenge. A welcome addition for many of us who feel there is way too much hand holding in gaming today.

Thief will also include an Iron Man mode. One life is all you’ll get. Die and you’ll be restarting from the beginning.

Thief is set for release next week, February 25th, on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. This should help tie many of us over until Titanfall, Infamous: Second Son and Dark Souls II hit in March.

Demand seems to be strong for the latest Thief game. Gamespot announced this morning it will be holding midnight launch events at 600 of its stores in the U.S. Midnight launches are usually only reserved for the biggest titles. A potential positive sign for Square Enix and Eidos Montreal. Initial sales will be important for Thief since March is stacked with big current and next-gen titles.

If you want to see gameplay that hasn’t been edited together for a trailer, check out Thief’s Twitch page. A couple of users have managed to get the game earlier and are streaming it right now.


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