Activision is ripping a page out of Hollywood’s playbook. They should. These game launches rival the biggest blockbusters. What are they doing? If you preorder, you get access to the game a full 24 hours before launch day. It’s not all that dissimilar to movies launching Thursday night. The weekend box office is growing ever closer to being half the week.

The move by Activision is smart. Financially and for players. For the bottom line, they can bank an obscene amount of preorders. It juices the quarterly report. For gamers, who doesn’t want early access to a game? Most will get the game anyways, and this is just one big incentive.

Expect this move to become standard in the industry. Package betas and early access with preorders. It’s money in the bank for publishers.

Never one to leave money on the table, Activision is prepping a Collector’s Edition for Day Zero. You get two new weapons, and the Advanced Arsenal incentive.

Yesterday, Activision and Sledgehammer Games unveiled the multiplayer in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. It has the feel of an arena shooter thanks to the exoskeleton suits. This is also the first time a third studio has been lead on a Call of Duty game. This will be standard procedure moving forward.

The new iteration of Call of Duty drops the modern warfare moniker in favor of futuristic combat. Some fans may dislike the progression, but I think it adds some freshness to a franchise that was in danger of becoming stale. Now you will be boosting all over the map, and the single player looks legitimately interesting. Probably because the main character is played by Kevin Spacey. If we can get him to tap a ring on a table, we will be set.

“We can’t wait for players to discover all of the new movement, mechanics, equipment, and modes built into Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare,” said Michael Condrey, Sledgehammer co-founder and head of development. “As well as the depth of customization layered in for the most personalized Call of Duty multiplayer experience to date.”

Judging by the reveals, it definitely looks like the game was designed for next-gen in mind. It will hit all platforms on November 4, but thankfully we are seeing the transition into next-gen cross-platform games quickly.

Below is the multiplayer trailer. Yeah, who isn’t waiting on doing the reverse boost on an enemy?


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