Tired of wearing a myriad of gadgets to track your sleep. You have the one that makes the empty rain noise. The wristband that tracks REM sleep. And, your phone that your dog rolls on top of.

There has to be a better way. Enter Luna. The first smart mattress cover. No, you won’t have to be ‘that person’ driving down the road in a hatchback holding a mattress on your roof. This is a cover for your existing mattress.

The Luna sleep cover is embedded with sensors to detect breathing and heart rate, accelerometers to discover how restless you are and microphones to prove you actually do snore. The tape doesn’t lie.

It sends all of this to a smartphone app – both iOS and Android – to build a sleep profile. The system can heat or cool your mattress based off preferences, and it can maintain different temps on both sides of the bed.

No word if it keeps you as cool as the other side of the pillow. Maybe version 2.0?

In addition to the onboard features, the entire Luna system is open source. That means it can connect to other smart appliances. Wifi connected coffee maker? It can start brewing a cup when your feet hit the floor.

Moderately OCD about the door locks? Lay down and it automatically locks any smart-enabled doors. It will even pair with a Nest thermostat to get it down to proper meat locker temperature for sleeping.

You’re wondering how much and when? Pricing is $179, but you are going to have to exercise some patience. It is being crowdfunded and will not release until later this year.

Still, it looks amazing. Especially if it can go artic chill on my mattress and then heat up towards the morning.

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