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Stylish Desk Pads to Keep You Looking Good While Gaming or Working

You have your overpriced PC or Maboom setup. Slick mouse. Mechanical keyboard. Everything is set for a solid day of gaming… I mean working. Right, working. But something is missing from your desk. A desk pad to keep all out your essentials looking good while you clock in those hours of Warzone or zoom meetings. 

Luckily, a stylish desk pad or mat doesn’t have to break the bank to look good. Here at News Ledge, we break down the best desk pads for your money. We have options from the business professional look, minimalism, and gaming.

Best Desk Pads For Your Home Office

Razer Gigantus V2

razer gigantus

Let’s knock out the gaming look first. Razer is ubiquitous in the gaming world. I’m currently typing on the Razer Gigantus V2 XXL. It can go up to a 3X, but that’s absurdly big and makes me question just how big of a desk you have in your home office. The major feature is the RGB you can sync to match your overall PC aesthetic. Personally, I turn it off and just enjoy the minimalist black look with anti-slip material. 

Pricing is a huge plus, with the XXL comes in at $29.99 and the 3XL priced at $49.99.

Grovemade Desk Pads


Want something that screams sleek and modern? You can’t go wrong with Grovemade. There’s a reason they are known as the Apple of desk organization, and their desk pads are no exception. Made from vegetable tan leather, the company is known for its unique sizing. Most companies stick you with a couple of sizes, but Grovemade goes up to 26.5″ x 49″, which is enough for two iMac pro stands, the keyboard and the mice. It’s decidedly gorgeous.

Pricing isn’t cheap. It seems they borrowed the pricing structure from Apple along with the design. The smallest pad, which is good for a mouse and keyboard, is $100, while the size to fit a stand plus peripherals will set you back $350. But damn, is it gorgeous. 

Satechi Eco-Leather Desk Pad

satechi mat

There is a leather alternative from Satechi, which uses a polyurethane leather substitute that won’t fade over time for the vegans among us. Pads come in three colors –  black, brown, and blue – priced at $39.99. Sizing for your desk comes in at 23 x 12.2 inches making it perfect for a keyboard/mouse combo or use as a desktop blotter or a writing pad. 

KeySmart TaskPad

For the multitaskers among us. Have a phone with wireless charging capability? The KeySmart may be just for you. Even with a case on the phone, you can lay it on the pad and keep your smartphone topped off while you work through the slog of zoom meetings before logging off for some quality gaming sessions. Like the Satechi, it’s made from a polyurethane leather substitute for those who don’t want to have a leather desk mat. 

There’s a built-in write rest for increased ergonomics, and the pad is sizable at 35.43 x 16.54 inches. Pricing is at $119, so you’re paying for the wireless charging functionality. 

Montblanc Soft Leather Pad

The name needs no introduction. You want the best-looking home office, and that means the best brands. Montblanc offers that in spades, and the soft leather pad is the very definition of minimalism. It’s made from calfskin leather with a grey suede liner. The $645 price tag probably won’t bother you if you have money to spend on your setup. Personally, I’m partial to Grovemade considering the quality and the slightly cheaper price.  

Leatherology Classic Leather Pad


Tired of the monochromatic color schemes? Leatherology has you covered with a two-tone color palette. Five color options are offered with an anti-slip suede lower paired with a full-grain upper to give you that rich feel. Another notch in its favor is the price at $120. You get stylish looks without breaking the bank. It’s hard to argue with that. 

Slash Objects Rubber Gris Desk Mat

slash objects gris

Those wanting something different than your standard leather or faux-leather desk pad only have to loom to the Slash Objects Rubber Gris Desk Mat. Made from recycled rubber and brass, the mat is designed to comfortably surf and sip your morning coffee or beverage of choice. The material is stain-resistant, so there’s little worry about the inevitable accident that occurs to all of us. The 18 x 24-inch size is a bit smaller than others on the list, but those with smaller setups will feel right at home. It is priced competitively at $72, making it an inexpensive gift.  

Parker Clay Gebeta Desk Mat

parker clay

A desk pad with a cause. While nothing sets it apart design-wise, it does offer something others on this list do not—a business for women in Ethiopia. The leatherwork is gorgeous and comes in two colors. When comparing similar desk pads, why not help out others worldwide. We should all strive to support small businesses. If the company’s mission wasn’t enough to get you onboard, the sub $50 price should push you over the edge. 

OrbitKey Desk Mat

Need a mat to pull double duty of organizing your pens and PC peripherals. The OrbitKey Desk Mat handles it with ease, along with an integrated wired charger for your smartphone. It’s not the most minimalist-looking desk pad on the market, but the area for pens, chargers, and even notes does give it an edge for those who want functionality overlooks. Pricing is in that midrange of $99.95, so if you’re in the market for a mat with increased functionality, the OrbitKey is a solid choice. 

Best Desk Pads of 2022

There are endless options to spice up your home office as we head into 2022. Don’t write off specific segments of the market like game desk pads from the likes of Razer. Sure, the RGB might throw you off, but it’s easily turned off and can save you a bundle. Make sure you measure your desk real estate before you place an order, so you don’t get something too small or, on the flip side, a pad that hangs over your desk