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Best Leather Office Chairs to Make Your Office Pure Luxury

The office chair is the most important part of your home office or gaming set up outside of your PC or Mac. Why not relax in luxury with a selection of the best leather office chairs on the market. Fuse ergonomics with a classic look that will never go out of style and will impress anyone. 

Most office chairs are an amalgamation of mesh or synthetic material and enough levers and adjustments to think you’re qualifying to fly a commercial aircraft. Why not go for the all-natural look in leather office chairs that also promise to keep your back from screaming in agony?

With office leather chairs, there are options upon options. There are different subtypes of leather, including bonded leather, leatherette, faux leather. Bonded and leatherette will be your choice if you want a color outside the norm, as they are both part genuine leather and part polyurethane leather. Both of these types are generally softer and offer plenty of color options. Faux is precisely what it sounds like. It’s not leather but looks the part and is the go-to option for vegans and eco-friendly among us. 

Then there’s caring for your brand-new leather chair. That can range from a gentle wipe down to a leather conditioner to keep it from cracking. It depends on the leather subtype you opt for, so it’s something to be aware of before purchasing. 

And finally, the cost of a leather office chair. It can range from budget to bank buster. I will say there comes a point where pieces like office chairs should be treated as investments. If you work from home or spend a ton of time gaming, looking at the initial cost doesn’t give a full picture. Better to spend the money once rather than a consistent replacement cycle that will eclipse the price of a quality chair.

Choosing the Best Leather Office Chair for You

We all have different home offices. That means different wants. Some of us need better support, while others want the ultimate in style. Let’s get into the best options and get you into the right leather chair. 

Our Pick for Best Overall Leather Office Chair: Aneira Genuine Leather Task Chair

Best Leather Gaming Chair: Razer Iskur Gaming Chair

The Budget Busting Leather Office Chair: Clamshell Task Chair

Best Budget Leather Office Chair: OFM High Back Leather Office Chair

Best Vegan Leather Office Chair: Pottery Barn Wingback Swivel Desk Chair

Best Minimalist Leather Office Chair: Upper Square Executive Chair 

Best Overall Office Chair

leather office chair

Aneira Genuine Leather Task Chair

A perfect combination of style and value, the Aneira checks all the boxes for a leather office chair that looks good but doesn’t break the bank. Don’t worry; we will get to those. The design takes cues from mid-century modern, and the silhouette will remind you of seats found in luxury cars. It’s upholstered in genuine leather, with plenty of foam padding for those long days at the computer. The Aneira Task Chair can swivel 360-degrees for when you get bored, and the five caster wheels can get you sliding to each side of your desk. It is height adjustable, so it will fit just about any desk setup. One knock against it is that you are stuck within the brown color palette. You can choose between ‘cocoa leather’ and ‘coffee leather.’ Or, as I like to put it, dark or light brown. 

Price: $500

Best Leather Gaming Chair

gaming leather chair

Razer Iskur Gaming Chair

The first on the list that isn’t genuine leather, but synthetic leather to keep the price at a very affordable $399. Razer is a powerhouse in the gaming world, so their chairs are some of the best. Other models have more features, but the Iskur strikes the right balance of quality and value. It has fully adjustable lumbar support and comes in a variety of color schemes. If you’re not a fan of the company’s bright green, you can opt to have the stitching in all black for a sleeker, not-so-garish look. 

Price: $399

Budget Busting Leather Office Chair

Clamshell Task Chair

You just thought an Eames leather office chair was expensive. I give you the Clamshell Task Chair. Obviously, you aren’t paying for branding because that has to be the most generic name for a $2500 leather office chair in existence. It’s from Geiger, and what it has going for it is the look. Geiger flipped the script with the Clamshell Task Chair if you are tired of your typical office chair look. The high back and sharp lines give it a unique look that would look great in any office. 

For the price, you’re getting the aesthetic. It does have height adjustment on a caster base, but outside of the foam padding for the seat and back, there are not a ton of adjustments to be made. 

Price: $2495.

Best Budget Leather Office Chair

OFM High Back Leather Office Chair

It may look like it came straight out of the 90s, but the OFM ‘executive style’ leather chair is one of the better budget offerings out there. Amazon consistently has it on sale for just over $200. It’s bonded leather with plenty of padding for long days taking zoom calls or surfing the internet. You can fully adjust the lumbar area, and the caster base allows for 360-degree movement and height adjustments to fit most desks. The style may be dated, but it’s hard to beat Amazon Prime shipping if you need a chair quickly.

Price: $200

Best Vegan Leather Office Chair

vegan leather office chair

Pottery Barn Wingback Swivel Chair

Save a cow and opt for sustainability with our pick for the best vegan leather office chair. Don’t be put off by Pottery Barn Teens; the chair will handle adults too. Made from polyurethane fabric, it is one of the more stylish chairs on the list. The antique bronze look on the frame fits nicely with just about any decor, and for a $369 price tag, it doesn’t break the bank. You do lose some of the wild adjustment features, but your basic swivel and height adjustments are all here, and the caster base makes it easy to slide around your home office.

Price: $369

Best Minimalist Leather Office Chair

upper square leather office chair

Upper Square Executive Chair

The affordable Upper Square leather office chair ditches the ‘executive style’ in favor of a minimalist look. Yes, other chairs on this list fit the minimalist aesthetic, but this Wayfair offering hits all the right points and doesn’t require a second mortgage to purchase it. Crafted with a steel frame, it features a five-star base in a polished chrome color complete with double-wheel rolling casters that help make moving from task to task a cinch. Lumbar adjustments also keep you comfortable for extended meetings from home.

Price: $210

That wraps our guide to the best leather office chairs. There is something for everyone., Be sure to check out our guides on the best standing desks and desk pads to complete your home office in these WFH times.

Image Credit: Unsplash and Associated Vendors