2015 was a banner year for gaming. Especially PC gaming. There was something for everyone. From Undertale to Grand Theft Auto V. From Rocket League to ARK: Survival Evolved. No matter what type of genre you love, chances are there was a game on Steam for you.

Sergey Galyonkin, better known as the creator of Steam Spy, gives us a look at the best-selling games on Steam for most of 2015. Galyonkin stresses this is a preliminary report. He plans to release a full one later in January. With the current Steam sale going on, some of these numbers will probably change.

Before we dive into the games, there are a few notes about this data. Galyonkin tried to filter out any giveaways or temporarily free games. Think free weekends. Because he pulls the data from Steam profiles, free weekends can skew sales. Plus, the data starts on April 1. Any games releasing before then has more sales than indicated.

Ok, here’s the chart.

best selling steam games 2015

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a monster. Grand Theft Auto V and Fallout 4 are about where you would expect them.

ark survival evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved proves me and millions more can’t get enough of the sandbox survival genre. It just released on Xbox One, but I haven’t had time to try it out yet. If you have, let me know what you think. H1Z1 comes in at just over a million. This is one of those titles that released before April and had much higher sales. Steam Spy doesn’t have reliable data before April, but Galyonkin says sales for H1Z1 would be just over 2 million. Rust rounds out the best selling survival games with just over 665,000 copies.

Rocket League is the surprise of the year for me. Soccer with rocket-boosted cars? It’s simple. It’s amazing. And it’s my game of the year. I haven’t had more fun with friends all year.

I am curious to see the legs on Fallout 4. Skyrim regularly sits in the top 10 most played games on Steam. That’s all thanks to the modding community. We’ll have to wait and see if Fallout 4 will see the same long-term success. Bethesda plans to release official modding tools early next year. You can already start downloading mods though via Nexus Mods. One of the coolest? True Storms.

Head on over to this Medium post to see how well Steam games sold by country. I’ll leave you with the best selling games on Steam released in 2015.

best selling steam games released in 2015

When I’m not playing Rocket League (best game ever), you can find me writing about all things games, space and more. You can reach me at alex@newsledge.com

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