Who needs a fisheye lens when you can have a fish drone? BIKI is the latest Kickstarter craze in the drone market with a unique angle. Instead of flying high, we will be exploring the depths at the beach, lake, and yes, our swimming pools.

Supporting 4K, the underwater drone is essentially a bionic fish. Its fishtail drive powers the drone to 1.12 mph and a max depth of 196ft. Not sure what you’ll be seeing at that depth, but good to know you have the option.

BIKI Specs

Camera drone enthusiasts are all about specs, and it’s no different with the BIKI. It has the 4K capability with a 150-degree wide-angle lens. The camera itself is stabilized via a pan and tilt head built into the platform. Two 114 lumen lights help illuminate your surroundings when you are trying for a maximum depth. Video storage is around 90-120 minutes with 32GB of internal memory.

biki underwater drone camera

The BIKI also runs ultra-quiet – 55dB – making it ecologically safe. Plus, you don’t want the motor scaring away the sea life. You want that 4K camera capturing something amazing.

It wouldn’t be a drone in 2017 without advanced features. Automated obstacle avoidance is inside each for those moments you seemingly want to drive it into the side of the pool. It auto balances and you can control the route with the built-in GPS.

Controls are a mix of your smartphone and a dedicated remote for deep dives.

biki underwater drone specs

BIKI Kickstarter

The company’s goal was $20,000, but with 59 days left in the campaign, it is well past $30,000. Pricing is set at $599 for delivery in September. That’s one hell of a turnaround time and hopefully, speaks to the company’s readiness to mass produce. Still leaves time to play with it for the summer. Especially in the south.

If you need two, the Kickstarter special prices out to $1,199 – over $989 off what will be the final retail price.

Head over to the campaign page to learn more and watch a collection of videos on each feature of BIKI.

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