Black Ops 4’s Operation Absolute Zero Update is Bringing a Whole Bunch of Cool Stuff

Treyarch is bringing one hell of an update to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 starting tomorrow on PS4. Yep, the dumb exclusivity agreement is still on. It lasted one week for other features/updates, so expect the same here. December 11 for PS4, and December 18 for everyone else.  

Dubbed Operation Absolute Zero, it’s bringing new stuff across Multiplayer, Blackout, and Zombies.

Here’s a quick overview of the new stuff. A Treyarch blog post goes into a bit more detail, but you’ll get the gist of what’s coming this month.

A new Specialist nicknamed Zero. Described as “a versatile and deadly hacker,” her job is to act as a direct countermeasure to other specialist abilities. A trailer dropped today showing Zero in action.

Blackout updates, fixes, and balancing. The big ones here include a new armor repair system, audio improvements (crossing my fingers that means more footstep audio tweaking), weapon balancing, and map changes. The trailer above shows one of these map changes with the Hijacked map dropped off the northwest coast.

It sounds like this isn’t the only Blackout update coming this month. From the blog post (emphasis mine):

On top of the free content kicking off next week, there’s even more coming to Blackout soon with the addition of Custom Games, Weapon Camos, Stash interface updates on consoles, holiday map decorations, throwable Snowballs, new seasonal Special Event Tiers, in-game promos, gameplay improvements, and more.

Zombies gets free stuff too. Don’t expect any changes to maps. Instead, Treyarch is looking for ways to encourage all you folks who love Zombies to keep playing. Daily Callings (new challenges), Black Ops Authenticity Stamp (more expansive leaderboard system), and Daily Tier Skip (Black Market Tier progression for Zombies).

Black Market changes. There’s a lot here so give the blog post a full read. But here are the biggies.

  • New weapons and Mastercrafts.
  • Mix/match warpaints with different outfits.
  • New Blackout Characters.
  • New item categories (weapon camos, reactive camos, reticles, Mastercraft variants).

Well, I’m glad I beat Red Dead Redemption 2 last night. This new update is looking solid, and it’s about time to get back into some multiplayer action after hanging out with Dutch and the gang for the past few weeks.