“With Black Tusk, we have to show that we have a legitimate claim to this IP and be able to show we know how to do it right before we do it differently,” Black Tusk producer Rod Fergusson told Polygon in a recent interview.

Black Tusk will have their hands full as they bring Gears of War to the Xbox One.

Disappointment is an understatement when describing fans’ reaction to Gears of War: Judgment. People Can Fly’s attempt at bringing something different to the Gears of War franchise was seen as too much of a departure for Gears fans.

In the Polygon interview, Fergusson talks about what makes Gears, Gears. “There are some things that even though people try to copy us, we don’t think they’ve nailed. I think the cover system, there’s a feel to a Gears of War game that I’ve yet to find in another game where it feels the same. Whether it’s the fluidity, the weight, the heaviness to the characters, the way that it feels like to be in cover, the roadie run character, those sorts of things.”

Gears of War fans should be happy to hear comments like these. Gears of War is like other popular shooters such as Halo, Counter Strike, or even Call of Duty. Fans don’t want to see the base game mechanics changed. Change them and there is push back. Look at Halo: Reach and Halo 4 for examples.

As for the setting for the next Gears of War title, Fergusson was mum. In fact, details about the next Gears of War have been hard to come by. But, Gamescom is right around the corner. Details on the game would make for a nice surprise for Xbox fans.

Be sure to check out the lengthy Polygon interview with Rod Fergusson.


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