Blackberry KEYone Pulls a Smartphone Lazarus But…
blackberry keyone

Look who it is still making smartphones. Blackberry. For all the company’s faults, you can’t deny it’s a stubborn one. The issue is, does anyone actually care about Blackberry anymore? And therein lies an opportunity. But first the KEYone.

Blackberry KEYone

Its focus is on Blackberry’s two pillars of strength – the physical keyboard and enterprise-level security. Perfect for those days when you have to tweet about Nordstrom’s during a scheduled intel briefing.

Beyond the two Blackberry-ish components, you get a 4.5-inch 1620×1080 touchscreen protected by Gorilla Glass, a 3505 mAh battery, 12-megapixel rear / 8-megapixel front-facing camera, aluminum construction, and a fingerprint sensor.

blackberry keyone smartphone

Under the aluminum the BlackBerry KEYone is powered by a 2.0GHz Snapdragon 625 processor, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage and USB-C charging. The phone’s OS is Android 7.1 Nougat.

The odd part? It’s affordable. The phone releases in April for $549. Easy there Blackberry. Don’t freak us out with a solid smartphone entry that looks good and has a decent price.

Is it Time For Blackberry to Rebrand?

There was a time when Blackberry was the must-have phone. Hell, people still cling to the physical keyboards. It poses the question of if the company should rebrand? It’s a tough one because Blackberry does enterprise-level security well. The company should use the attribute and start to work on educating younger users on the value of mobile security.

Blackberry is missing an opportunity in the consumer smartphone segment to place itself under the exorbitant flagship prices Samsung and Apple have. The $549 is one sweet middle. Work on the product design, push the camera and storage specs and you have yourself a mid-tier winner.

KEYone is a nice start down the road to possible resurrection. Personally, I hope it kicks ass. It’s time for the mid-tier smartphones to reach out and remind Samsung and Apple $1000+ phones are damn absurd.

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