Naming the agencies that data mine your personal data is like playing alphabet soup. GeeksPhone think they have the answer and are using a customized version of Android to run what they are calling the BlackPhone. So if you are a whistleblower, a tabloid-dodging celebrity or Glenn Greenwald, a BlackPhone may be the perfect stocking stuffer come next Christmas. That is, of course, if you honestly think the NSA can’t crack the encryption protocols.

There is the issue of phone carriers too. What’s to stop them from complying with a FISA warrant? Sure you might have a BlackPhone, but once they see that, you are just going to get looked at harder. Going off the grid is supposed to create a smaller footprint. Not paint a giant look at me sign.

For a flat rate of $629 you get a pretty nice looking phone that comes in black. What? You didn’t think they would go all Apple and throw a Pantone color book at it, did you? Tech details breakdown as follows; a 4.7 inch quad-core 4G smart phone. HD screen, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. Have to store the next big leak somewhere, and Candy Crush must be played. Even on encrypted cell phones.

The phone was announced at the Mobile World Congress before a bevy of media. GeeksPhone wanted to make a splash, and succeed they did. Silent Circle, a privacy service, is partnering with BlackPhone. A 2-year subscription comes standard with the phone. This encrypts calls and emails for you and up to three of your friends, regardless of the phones they have. Nothing says NSA watchlist like having three of your beer buddies receiving encrypted calls about fantasy football.

In addition to the Silent Circle extra, the phone comes with Disconnect anonymous wi-fi and two-years of anonymous cloud storage at SpiderOak.

The idea behind the phone is to avoid big brother. Buyers will be able to get their hands on the phone in June and the promise is to keep your data out the hands of the NSA, Google or any other big brother lurking around the corner.


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