Ready to be a HERO? Blane Steckline was lucky enough to have GoPro under the Christmas tree and decided to give us a look at his first outing.

Wintry day? Check. Serious wub wub music? Damn right. What kind of slap edits, crazy parkour or snowboarding does he have planned for us?

Well played sir. Now hook your cat up with some better food.

Feeling disappointed? Come on, laugh a little.

GoPro 2015 compilation highlight video

GoPro 2015

The troll is strong with Blane, but GoPro won’t let us down. Here’s the company’s 2015 compilation video:

Everything you see is from the Hero4. Curious about the seamless transition you see at the 40-second mark? Here’s a great tutorial from Waterlust on how to edit your videos with something other than a slap edit.

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