Blizzard is calling it their “biggest presence to date!” 500 gaming stations will be home to all of the developer’s biggest games. From World of Warcraft: Legion to all three Diablo games.

Next Tuesday (August 16), Blizzard will release a special preview video of what they’ll be showcasing at Gamescom 2016, “including some new game content.” Bookmark Blizzard’s Gamescom hub to see it live.

It’s not just about games, either. The best cosplayers will duke it out in costume contests. Dance contests for those who aren’t afraid to let loose. And Video Games Live will perform twice on Blizzard’s stage on August 19 and August 20 at 18:00 CEST. That’s 11 am EST.

The games

Every Blizzard game is going to have a big presence at Gamescom.

World of Warcraft – Throughout Gamescom, the Legion Café in Cologne is being transformed into The Fel Hammer to celebrate the launch of WoW: Legion. Those swinging by the Blizzard booth can try out the new Demon Hunter class ahead of the August 30 release of Legion. Or, watch two top WoW guilds tackle Challenge Mode dungeons live on the stage.

I’ve been out of the WoW game for a while, but I’ll be tuning in for a little bit. I’ll never forget the memories of tackling raids with my friends.

Starcraft II – Competitive fans can get their fix as pro Starcraft II players face off in live showmatches.

Diablo – Those 500 gaming stations I mentioned above? A lot of them will be running Diablo. It’s the 20th anniversary of the legendary loot game and Blizzard will have all three playable at their booth. Art fans will also love watching a 3D artist from the Diablo team craft a piece of artwork live on stage.

Does the 20th anniversary sound like a great time to reveal the next Diablo to anyone else? I poured an absurd number of hours into Diablo 3. I bought the Xbox 360, PC and Xbox One versions of the game. I know, I have a problem. I’m just hoping that “new game content” might just be some more Diablo. New game, expansion, remaster – it doesn’t matter to me. More Diablo is only a good thing.

Hearthstone – Not my cup of tea, but pro players and community personalities will face off in live showmatches.

Heroes of the Storm – Brawlmania will see six teams of influencers (that’s YouTubers) and pro players facing off in show matches. Those looking for a bit more competition can tune in to the Heroes of the Storm Europe Fall Regional tournament taking place on August 17-19. The winning team secures their spot at the Fall Championship at BlizzCon.

bastion overwatch

Overwatch – Another animated short is inbound. The story on some of these might be laughable, but Blizzard’s CG team always delivers. Rumor has it this short focuses on Bastion. Overwatch’s competitive scene is off to a fast start. Watch the top four teams from North America and Europe face off in The Overwatch Atlantic Showdown Tournament.

What about a new character? The Overwatch fan base is convinced an ARG (alternate reality game) will reveal Sombra, which many believe is the game’s next playable hero. We’ll have to wait a couple of weeks to see what Blizzard announces.

Name one surprise that you wish Blizzard would announce at Gamescom. I would lose it if they announced anything Diablo related. They probably won’t, but it would be awesome if they did. Keep an eye on Blizzard’s Gamescom hub for live streams of all the announcements, contests and competitive matches.


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