Although never officially announced, Blizzard has confirmed it has ceased development on its MMORPG, Titan. The news comes in a new interview with Polygon.

Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime tells Polygon, “I wouldn’t say no to ever doing an MMO again.”

“But I can say that right now, that’s not where we want to be spending our time.”

Those following the rumored development of Titan could see the writing on the wall. Last year, the team working on Titan went back to the drawing board after more than five years of development.

As to why it was cancelled? “We couldn’t find the fun,” Morhaime told Polygon.

What about World of Warcraft? “My hope personally is that we’ll support it forever,” Chris Metzen told Polygon

Polygon has a lot more with Morhaime and Metzen about the cancellation of Titan and where Blizzard wants to focus its energy moving forward.

Well, I guess World of Warcraft is the Blizzard MMO of the future. You can’t argue with millions of paying subscribers.

I would put my money on WoW 2, or a major revamp of World of Warcraft over the next few years.

In the end, it’s probably a smart move for Blizzard. Recapturing the World of Warcraft magic in another MMO would be nearly impossible. Plus, the gaming landscape has changed. MOBAs are the most popular genre on PC right now with DOTA 2 and League of Legends dominating. Blizzard will look to tap into that popularity with Heroes of the Storm.

It’s interesting to see investor reaction to the news. ATVI shares plunged $0.20 on heavy volume as the news broke, but quickly recovered from the dip. Shares are off about 1.7% today as the broader stock market trends lower. Check out the chart below. Look at the sharp drop after 1 PM. Titan was never officially announced so any impact on Activision’s stock should be small moving forward.

ATVI chart


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