If you’ve got the money burning a hole in your pocket, Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin will help you spend it. Today, Bezos revealed a set of illustrations showing off their vision of the New Shepard vehicle. Tucked inside are six chairs that look more at home in a dentist office. You’ll probably be just as anxious when you first strap in.

Blue Origin capsule seats

Each seat gets a large window view to see what will have to be one of the most breathtaking views ever.

Blue Origin capsule window

Here’s how the views compare to a Boeing 747.

another blue origin capsule window

The brightly lit center console at the center isn’t some entertainment unit to keep passengers entertained. That’s the escape motor.

You’ll be glad it’s there if something goes wrong during the ride up to space. Here’s a crazy video showing how the escape system works.

The handy part about how Blue Origin integrates the escape motor is it can fly over and over again if it’s not used. Traditional escape systems on rockets attached the motor on a tower above the capsule.

Becoming an astronaut with Blue Origin

At launch, a BE-3 rocket engine roars to life pushing you with the force of 3 Gs+ into your comfy seat. Just a couple of minutes after launch the capsule glides past the Kármán line putting you in rare company. An astronaut.

Once you receive the signal to release your harness, you’ll experience several minutes of weightlessness and views that only a select few have ever seen. But the New Shepard isn’t putting you in orbit. You’ll have just a few minutes to soak in the incredible views. After that, a signal will let you know to strap back in.

This isn’t an airplane flight. You better be strapped in before descent begins. During the trip back home, you’ll feel 5 Gs+ before the parachutes deploy and thrusters fire. A little more than 10-minutes after launch and a few miles away from where you launched, and you’ll be back on solid ground.

If you’ve got the money to spend, early suborbital flights will give you early access to purchase tickets for future orbital missions.

As for how much this 10-minute flight will set you back? Blue Origin hasn’t said yet, but most are assuming a price tag between $100,000 to $200,000. So yeah, being an astronaut is still going to be a tough dream for ordinary folks to achieve. The timing for the first commercial could be as soon as next year.

Image credits: Blue Origin

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