Can we get Blur to make a movie already? New cinematic screenshots for the Halo 2 Anniversary edition have released into the wild. The new screens come just months after the cinematic trailer for Halo 2 was released. I think every gaming enthusiast out there will agree, when the hell are we getting visuals like this?

Blur is among the most well-known marketing CGI firms in existence. I think we all remember the Star Wars cinematic trailers, and openly wished we had received that over the prequel films. Blur is reworking all the Halo 2 cinematic cut-scenes to give the game a serious graphics upgrade.

The firm’s involvement with the Halo 2 Anniversary edition is marketing the lead up to the Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Yeah, one of the most hotly anticipated arrivals for the holiday season is a remastered collection. It’s easy money to know where most Xbox One owners will be on November 11. An all-night bender on perhaps the best multiplayer shooter ever to hit consoles.

If it’s not the best, it is still one of the chief reasons FPS’s are as popular as they are today. Check out the screens below. Yeah, I’m humming the Halo theme this morning too.

halo 2 blur cinematic

halo 2 blur

halo 2 blur

halo 2 blur


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