Will we ever see the BMW Vision Next? No, but let us dream of a world where we hop into an autonomous car and rage against the morning commute without aggressive driving.

There’s always hope. And for the aggressive drivers among us, BMW has them covered.

The Vision Next 100 concept isn’t meant to show off an upcoming production model. The Google Car still can’t figure out that humans are going to human. Instead, the vehicle is BMW ripping through an R&D budget. After an all-night marathon of Minority Report. The movie. Not the show.

Oh, you didn’t realize there was a show. It was on Fox. Last fall. Fox and sci-fi? That tells you everything before you set the DVR.

BMW Vision Next 100

Now, if we could time jump to around 2070, we might be looking at these in showroom floors. Or, Mad Max has turned into a documentary and we still get badass cars. It’s a coin flip.

BMW Alive Geometry

The Vision Next 100 comes complete with the latest technology we don’t have yet. A mode dubbed ‘Ease’ makes it easier for drivers to realize they are in an autonomous car. The steering wheel retracts, seats adjust, and you are more annoyed with agreeing to carpool with people from work.

Thanks, BMW.

The mode also clouds the windshield to prevent those moments when you realize letting BMW take the wheel wasn’t a good idea. Someone forgot to update the map…

For those times when you rewatched the Fast and Furious collection, there’s the ‘Boost’ mode. The windshield becomes a screen to overlay incoming data like optimal driving lanes, speed and steering points.

BMW Vision Next Boost Mode

Who cares about the self-driving car? Let’s have the smart windshield. One last ride…

BMW Vision Design

The design team at BMW embraced their fandom of Minority Report. BMW dubs it ‘Alive Geometry’ and it covers the movable wheelhouse for better aerodynamics. It looks interesting and can be best described as a series of triangular ‘scales.’

3D printing isn’t enough for BMW. The movable wheelhouse would be constructed using a 4D printing process.

Inside, the dashboard is made up of the same triangles, totaling 800 that generate movements understood by the driver. Nice, the new three-point turn will be deciphering what 800 moveable triangles are telling you.

BMW Vision Next dashboard with Alive Geometry

Jokes aside, the technology in the car is insane. I’ll be happy if we get the windshield doing half of what BMW envisions. What about you? How quickly would you have it in ‘Boost’ mode?

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