Wait… What? It makes zero sense yet I’m immediately pumped to see the episodes. Fox has decided a crossover fits with Sleepy Hollow and Bones. How? No clue, but I’m intrigued.

If Fox wanted people buzzing, mission accomplished. The shows make zero sense as a platform for crossover episodes. Sleepy Hollow features time travel, supernatural events and magic. Bones? Well, it features none of those and is more CSI before CSI decided to have eighty spinoffs.

Right now, details are limited. No firm date has been set for when we will see the episodes, or which characters that will be in each. Ichabod Crane in the Bones lab sounds like a winning concept to me.

Sleepy Hollow Ichabod Crane

TVLine was first to report the news, and so far Fox is keeping it under wraps. For a date, expect this to be timed with sweeps. Get it on well after the World Series airs so viewers are used to seeing the programs airing again.

What are you thinking for possible crossover material? Me? I just want to see Crane and Bones interact. Both smart as hell, but from very different eras.

It’s definitely the weirdest crossover announcement I’ve heard, but go for it Fox. The networks need an infusion of fresh ideas and concepts. I’m thinking a Bones and Sleepy Hollow crossover definitely qualifies for an outside the box idea.

Will it work? I’d lean towards yes. Fox is confirming this well in advance to build buzz, so executives at the network must be confident in the pitch or have seen the episodes already.

I’ll keep you updated with any news on the crossover event. Sound off in the comments with possible plotlines.


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