Well, Google’s (Alphabet) Boston Dynamics has been busy. The company unveiled the next generation of Atlas robots with a YouTube video.

This will end well.

We have the Skynet creators going out of their way to piss off what is the infant of the robot army destined to replace us all. And Atlas? I feel you on the stumbling through the woods in the snow. Happens to the best of us.

It was put through all sorts of mundane tasks such as strolling through the woods, picking up boxes, placing the boxes on a shelf and walking through the door.

Oh, and getting knocked over by its jackass programmer. But check out the thing getting up. I need that robot yoga class. Atlas pops up and shrugs it off like nothing happened. The robot is biding its time.

atlas falling over

Soon, humans. Soon…

Atlas and Boston Dynamics

The new version of the Atlas stands as 5’9” and tips the scales at 180 pounds. Atlas went paleo and dropped down from 330 pounds in a couple of years.

Electrically powered and hydraulically actuated, it has embedded sensors on its body and legs for balance. Object avoidance is handled by both stereo sensors and LIDAR.

In addition to avoiding obstacles, the sensor arrays help the new Atlas judge terrain, navigate and manipulate boxes. Sweet, they made stocking shelves even slower.

atlas robot from boston dynamics

Not sure I’d go out of my way to tip the thing over and generally annoy it when you plan on putting AI into it. The guy in the video better hope Google’s right to be forgotten is thorough as hell.

Boston Dynamics History

How far has the company come? There was WildCat, the four-legged pissed off weedeater that can run down the average human. Awesome…

Spot was WildCat’s smaller sibling. You can see the robot abuse at Boston Dynamics began years ago.

And then there was the BigDog. What would you do if you had a four-legged robot the size of a cow? You give it horns…

I’ll be honest; I would have done the same. Not sure I’d post it on YouTube for all to see, but that’s way too tempting.

It is amazing to see the progression of technology. From goofing off with a cow-sized robot to the newest Atlas humanoid robot picking up boxes and walking through the woods.

Boston Dynamics will have us living in a different world. My descent into full laziness would be complete if I had one.

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