This won’t be annoying at all. Let’s rewind the clock back to the end of 2013. Remember the Facebook ‘Look Back’ videos? Well, a new set is rising from the depths of Facebook to clutter your news feed. It’s either that or Kim Kardashian’s butt. Your pick.

The new video tool allows you to thank what Facebook dubs your ‘old friends’ and ‘friends.’ What about the person you spy on, or the one you secretly hate their jet set lifestyle? For those, Facebook has ‘complicated’ and a family setting. What else is sure to follow? Parodies. If the Internet can be counted on for one thing, it’s definitely parodies.

Obviously the tool is designed for the holidays, and has been released just ahead of Thanksgiving. Get ready for a nonstop stream of thank you videos in your feed. It has the feel of wishing someone happy birthday on Facebook. You know the phone you’re on when you post a happy birthday to a good friend? It also has this function that allows you to make calls. I know, blows my mind too. Try that over a thank you video if the person is close to you.

Facebook Thank You Videos

First thing you need to know is the videos default to public. It will be posted on your friend’s wall. So, if your idea of ‘thanks for the sights’ are those nights in Vegas, you might want to leave them back in Vegas.

Past that, it’s your basic setup. Choose a theme, add a few pictures and a slogan. Facebook offers up some suggestions such as “I just want to say Thank You”, “We saw Awesome sites,” “it’s been a wild ride.”

Oh, and Facebook ensures the back and forth continues by direct linking back to the video creation tool. “Hey ‘Insert Friend Here’ I made you a video to say thanks for being such a good friend. You can make your own at fb.com/thanks #saythanks.” For some reason, I bet the engagement of that post will be 100% for Facebook. Just a theory….

Then there’s the question of you receiving a deluge of them, but happen to be busy. What in the world are you to do? If you make one return thanks, you’ll be making a hundred. Here comes the hurt feelings.

Regardless, with billions of users, expect the Thank You videos to become as prevalent as memes until we turn the page on 2014 and enter 2015. New Year’s Eve can’t come fast enough.

If you want to pepper friends with videos, head over to the Facebook video creator.

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