It’s been known for a few months that new Indiana Jones films are on the way. Last December, Disney and Paramount struck a deal to distribute all future Indiana Jones films.

With Harrison Ford in his 70s, a reboot is likely. Rumors of potential actors to take over as Indiana Jones have started to surface. The following rumor has not been confirmed. Latino Review says Bradley Cooper is at the top of a short list of actors for an Indiana Jones reboot. If Harrison Ford doesn’t star in it. But, that window is closing rapidly.

Latino Review also describes the upcoming Indiana Jones not as a reboot, but as a recasting similar to the James Bond franchise.

The rumor gets a bit more credence since the same source that told Latino Review about Bradley Cooper playing Rocket Racoon is the same source behind this rumor.

I like the rumored casting. Can’t get any worse then Shia LeBeouf. It’s crazy to think how far LeBeouf has fallen. He was being groomed as this generation’s leading actor.

There’s one more rumor surrounding a possible writer for the next Indy movie. Latino Review reports that Frank Darabont may be pinning the next one. Darabont is best known for The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile and the first season of The Walking Dead.


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