Yeah, I know. Vegetables. We keep being told they are good for us, yet we turn to the old fast food standby. If pizza sauce contains tomatoes, then doesn’t that count? Better ingredients doesn’t translate that well to your health.

Another study is out today showing that if you fill your plate with fruit and vegetables, it can decrease your risk of stroke. This is kind of like saying water is wet at this point, but scientists have to try. This study is out of the Medical College at Qingdao University in China. Oh, now I know Fox News will be pushing cookies and chips out of spite.

The study shows that if you can eat 200 grams of fruit per day, it can decrease your risk of stroke by 32%. The same level of vegetables equals heart health, with the risk of a heart attack dropping 11%. In case you’ve been living under a rock, eating healthy means you will be healthy. Novel concept, I know.

The study was published in the American Heart Association’s Stroke. In addition to the Chinese study, the journal looked through 19 other studies looking at decrease in stroke risk and consumption of fruits and vegetables. Stroke is the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S.

So, eat healthy. Be healthy. Pretty simple. Just avoid the candy aisle and hit the produce section. It’s a whole new world.


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