What happens when a tiny house gets angry at the world and decides it needs to stretch its legs? A camping trailer on steroids with the Bruder EXP-6 Expedition Trailer.

Australian-based Bruder is back with its latest camping or expedition trailer. Is it over engineered? Of course, and Bruder is proud of it. Bruder’s EXP-6 Expedition Trailer is meant for the great outdoors. The more remote the terrain gets, the more the trailer shines.

The chassis is sealed against mud, water, sand or snow from seeping its way into your cabin. It looks like it could roll through a Mad Max environment and shrug. What about the ride? The four independent a-arms let the trailer glide over the open road or the toughest terrain.


Yeah, it looks like a monster. But, it’s inside where Bruder shines.

Bruder Expedition Trailer

Why have a regular door when you can have the back hatch like this?


I’m glad the team at Bruder thinks like me. Once you close the hatch, you are in a climate controlled cabin complete with a kitchen, a full bathroom, a TV, room for a queen size bed and a pop-top roof with plenty of windows. It’s an expedition trailer, so storage is a given, and the EXP-6 has more than enough for a trip.

interior of the bruder expedition triailer

bruder camping trailer expedition

It has all the comforts of home. Wine fridge? Hell, why not? It may be an expedition, but at the end, you need to celebrate.

Outside, the trailer can be fitted with removable prep tables. The kitchen can be accessed inside the trailer or out. You’re supposed to be enjoying the great outdoors, no matter how tempting the queen size bed is with Netflix at your fingertips.

Other features include an external shower, a 260W solar system mounted on the roof and a 257L front-mounted storage box for additional storage.

Price? You have to ask, and each is built to the customer’s requirements. Here’s hoping the Land Rover Defender comes as part of the package. It completes the look.

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