Need a bit more cash? Have an Oculus Rift? Facebook has expanded its ‘bug bounty’ program to include the new virtual reality headset. Granted if you dropped $350 on the development kit, money probably isn’t an issue. Still, Facebook offers a minimum reward of $500 for owners that report bugs. There is no maximum payout, so you could get a hefty check if the bug is serious enough.

What kind of bugs is Facebook expecting? Security engineer Neal Poole tells The Verge that the program could help once the Rift headset releases publicly. “A lot of the issues that come up with Oculus are not necessarily in the hardware yet,” Poole said.

“Potentially in the future, if people were to go explore and find issues in the SDK or the hardware, that is definitely of interest to us.”

Oculus also made headlines after Netflix posted some of the creations from its Hack Day Summer 2014. Oculix shows a person navigating Netflix with an Oculus Rift and hand gestures. It’s a pretty cool application for Oculus. Even more impressive since it was developed in a day. Imagine what a team of people taking their time could do. Who needs iMAX anymore? Check out the video below to see it in action.

As for games, Oculus Rift will have a booth at the Eurogamer Expo at Earls Court in London on September 25 through September 28. Several developers will be showcasing their games at the booth including War Thunder, Alien: Isolation and Elite: Dangerous.

Elite: Dangerous is in beta, but it will cost you $75. Check out the beta trailer below to see what Elite: Dangerous is all about.


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