With smoking usage declining, the CDC is aiming for a bigger push to drive the numbers lower. Even with all the research, taxes and just plain common sense it’s bad for you, adults still smoke. 18% of adults still smoke cigarettes and 21% use some form of tobacco product every day or most days.

The new government campaign is similar to what the CDC kicked off in 2012. It aims to scare and shock you away from smoking. In their latest ‘Tips From Former Smokers’ ads, the CDC features a man with a hole in his throat, a woman who had a premature baby, and two men who lost their teeth. All directly tied to their personal tobacco use.

The ads also feature Terrie Hall. She’s featured once again in the ads, and lost her larynx due to throat and oral cancer. In a sad development, the director of the CDC’s office on smoking and health, Tim McAfee, informed those that didn’t know she passed away just days after filming the new ad.

Starting July 7, the CDC will kick off the $50-million campaign of TV spots, radio ads, Internet spots and billboards. The campaign will run for 9 weeks and will hopefully have the same impact as the last set of ads. In a statement, the CDC lauded the efficacy of the ads. “Smokers have told us these ads help them quit by showing what it’s like to live every day with disability and disfigurement from smoking.”

Here’s to hoping the number of adult smokers continues its decline. Below is the ad featuring Terrie Hall.


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