Besides shocking everyone with the Rise of the Tomb Raider announcement, Microsoft also showed off some new bundles. Three bundles were showcased this morning. A white Xbox One bundle for Sunset Overdrive, a 1 TB Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare bundle and a FiFA 2015 bundle.

The white Xbox One looks slick and will retail for $399. It comes bundled with Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive. Get your hands on a white Xbox One on October 28th.

white xbox one

For Call of Duty, Microsoft is upping the storage to 1 TB. That extra 500 GBs is going to cost you though. The Advanced Warfare bundle will retail for $499 and will release on November 3rd.

advanced warfare bundle

Microsoft has its European fans covered as well. The FIFA 2015 bundle will hit store shelves on September 25th for £349.99.

I can see the white Xbox One and COD bundle’s being favorites this holiday season. As some gamers move to digital only, hard drive space becomes an issue. Then again, you can always plug-in an external hard drive. No need to shell out another $100 for 500 GBs.

Me? I’m digging the white Xbox One. Not really a fan of the aesthetics of the Call of Duty Xbox One bundle.


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