Today’s July 7th, better known as Bungie day among the Bungie faithful. Bungie dropped quite a bit of news already today and the day is still young.

First, the big news. The Destiny beta will start on July 17th on Playstation and July 23rd on Xbox One. Want in? You’re going to have to pre-order Destiny. It looks like Playstation users have a six-day head start, but it’s really just four. Maintenance on the Destiny servers will bring the game offline on July 21-22.

Clear your weekend because the Destiny beta will only be online until the end of the day on July 26th.

Check out the Destiny trailer below announcing the beta dates.

The Ghost Edition

Bungie also showed off the Ghost Edition today. Here’s what you get for $149.99.

From Bungie’s website.

Limited Edition SteelBook™ Case and Game Disc
-Ghost Replica: This is your motion-sensing Ghost, featuring lights and audio from the game. May it lead you through the Darkness.
-Letter of Introduction: These worlds were once ours. If you accept your destiny, you will be asked to do the impossible.
-Golden Age Relics, which include a Patch, Sticker, and two Chrome slides of the Traveler
-Guardian Folio, containing:
-“Arms and Armament” Field Guide: Many believe the weapons and armor featured in this record are a myth. -You will learn the truth.
-Postcards from the Golden Age: Our worlds have been claimed by our enemies. Now, it’s time to take them back.
-Antique Star Chart: Explore the wild frontiers of our solar system. Discover all that we have lost.
-Collector’s Edition Digital Content: The City has also provided you with a cache of items to start you on your journey, including:
-A Unique Ghost Casing
-An Exclusive Player Emblem
-An Exclusive Player Ship Skin
-Includes the Destiny Expansion Pass*

The Destiny Expansion Pass comes with two expansions: The Dark Below and House of Wolves. The Dark Below takes place in an ancient tomb beneath the surface of the Moon. Now we’ll see where that Wizard came from.

Here’s a trailer announcing the Ghost Edition


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