Bungie Snaps Destiny Connection With Xbox 360 and PS3

Bungie and Destiny on legacy consoles

Sad news for legacy console owners. Bungie is ripping the band-aid off future development of Destiny on both the Xbox 360 and PS3. It isn’t all bad news, but August is a clear demarcation for the Destiny team when it comes to legacy consoles.

In the run up to E3, the company announced that Rise of Iron, the latest expansion pack, would be playable only on PS4 and Xbox One. Bungie is stressing the current game will remain playable on the older consoles, but all future development will occur on current generation hardware.

Everything you are playing right now will continue to be playable past August. Story missions strikes, multiplayer and raids will remain. All the gear you’ve spent countless hours collecting? You get to keep it.

Yes, there’s a but in the story. Multiplayer events will be disappearing from the old hardware. The Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner will be removed after the launch of Rise of Iron. Xur, the weekly vendor, will no longer sell specific armor or weapons to 360 and PS3 owners.

Xur will instead sell exotic engrams for random gear that hallmarked Destiny’s first two years.

Destiny Progression Paths Fork

Another change revolves around the ability to switch between consoles with your character. At the August launch, Bungie is ending the ability to transfer characters between older consoles and the current generation. The progression paths on both will be forked, with 360/PS3 characters on their own path, separate from the Xbox One/PS4 fork.

platform infographic

Bungie is offering a detailed guide on how to take your current character to a new console before the change hits. Players will have the ability to login with their respective console credentials and port their legacy characters to the new hardware.

Why the Move?

Simply put, new consoles are getting cheaper, and Microsoft and Sony are moving on from the old hardware. Bungie is focusing its resources on the current platforms and streamlining the development cycle as it edges closer to the release of Rise of Iron.

Gamers wanting to play the new expansion will have to open their wallets for a new console and buy the Destiny: The Taken King to play the expansion in August.

It’s not great news for fans of Destiny on 360/PS3, but the shift was in the cards. Once Bungie announced Rise of Iron would ship only for Xbox One/PS4, the writing was on the wall for legacy development to cease.

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