Burglaries and the Selfie. Couple Sought As Persons of Interest
selfie burlgary

A couple is being sought as persons of interest in a Santa Clarita, CA burglary case. How did the case break? It turns out the cloud is the enemy.

The woman, whose house was burglarized, discovered selfies of the unknown couple uploaded to her cloud storage. For now, police are unsure if they were the actual criminals, or if they bought the device that was still synced to the woman’s cloud storage.

On July 30, thieves entered here home through a window and ransacked her place. Jewelry, electronics and cash were stolen. A few days later, the woman logged into her storage account and noticed selfies of a couple she didn’t know.

One thing police do know is that the selfies were not taken at the scene. The meta data from the pictures has them timestamped days after the incident. Plenty of time for the thieves to offload the stolen property.

Police have used cloud data and apps like Find My Phone in the past to find suspects, but this is the first time a selfie has been involved. If the couple wasn’t involved in the theft, they get the claim to fame that they were the selfie suspects. On the flipside, if this couple committed the crime, they get to go down in the stupid criminals book.

Either way, surely we are hitting peak selfie as a nation. It’s getting past the point of absurd. Regardless, the selfie generation marches on.

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