Who wants to gather wood? Haul a portable gas grill? Any takers? I thought not. Here’s something that answers the burning question of cooking on a campfire mess free. Meet Burnie.

It comes in two sizes – 2.5 hours at 5.5lbs and 1.5 hours at 3lbs. Good burn time and light? Way to play into my laziness. How does it work? Well no rocket science needed.

1 – Remove the wrapper of course. Yeah, it’s the equivalent of plugging it in but you would be surprised.

2 – Hold a match to the center and light it off.

3 – Attempt to be an impressive cook. Hey, it never said it would go Bobby Flay for you. That’s on you.

What makes it a good system? It’s 100% all natural. No chemicals , waste, cleanup or lighter fluid. It essentially makes Al Gore smile.

Price is easy on the wallet. The larger version comes in at $14.95 and $12.95. Not bad for something you can toss into a pack and go on your fishing trip, camping or star gazing adventure. Spread a few out among your group and be eating fresh cooked meals for days.


Mavic Pro

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