We all know it’s hard to approach a woman or a guy. Start up a conversation and try to forge a relationship from thin air. So, how can we go about making this more odd? Via social media. Facebook evidently has a button quota, and now you can ask your friends about their relationship status.

So, the people you count as friends, but have no idea on their relationship status. This is the equivalent of Tinder, but if you’re beyond dense. Not to mention, it is a bit creepy. How does it work? Well it’s unabashedly straight forward. You hit the new ‘Ask’ button to get your secret crush to reveal personal information about their availability.

Please Facebook, no eHarmony-style commercials. We collectively don’t care if Steve and Susan met via the ask button and got married. The new Ask button is being compared to the Poke feature – which still exists. The poke was a feature that allowed you to notify friends you still exist, and help them create a more organized unfriend list.

There are some privacy features baked in to the new feature. If you ask a person, it is only shared with you if they respond. Unless the person elects to share it with the world. The end of Facebook stalking as we know it. Instead, it goes with the adage, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Or, in this case, you asking the person.

The big play in the media is the relationship status. Sure, it makes for the great headlines, but the ask button is being added to everything you haven’t filled out in your about page.

So, the end game with this? It could be Facebook is making a play for the online dating scene. Why not? 71 percent of Americans use Facebook. A recent Pew research poll found 59 percent of Americans think online dating is a great way of meeting new people. I hear revenue Facebook.

It’s a whole new world today. Unveil your secret crush today on Facebook. Oh, and Facebook is hoping you share with others, not just the person. It makes data collection a lot easier for its advertising platform.


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