Not hitting your daily step goal with the latest greatest fitness app? There’s an app for that. Wait….

Cakewalk is the latest fitness app from the geniuses at Robots and Pencils. Miss your daily goal? Well, the app gives you a reason to hit your goal in the next 24 hours. Cakewalk issues a challenge you have to hit, or it starts hounding you on Twitter.

Now this is a fitness tracking app we’ve always dreamed of having. The folks at Cakewalk designed it to calculate your average daily steps over a seven-day period and to set that as your daily goal.

All the more reason to leave your phone at home if you feel like going on a walkabout one day. The last thing you need is the app thinking your daily goal is 30,000 steps. You better be in one hell of a walkable city.

Cakewalk and iOS

While the app is supporting both the iPhone and Apple Watch, the company is looking into pairing it with wearables. My FitBit getting annoyed with me? I’ll take it.

When using the app, you can opt to have your Twitter followers have access to your step counts. Now there’s something new for the fitness bloggers out there; Let’s see those steps.

Cakewalk shames you into shape

Think that’s a privacy concern? Opt out by taking Cakewalk off the list of allowed apps in Twitter. It asks permission to start offering a wall if you want the cheeky UI but not necessarily the encouragement of a sarcastic personal trainer.

You’ll need an iPhone 5s or newer model or the Apple Watch. Third party tracker support should become available in a future update.

It’s on you to see if those fitness goals are the cakewalk you thought they were.

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