Grab your Mountain Dew and get ready. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is bringing some much-needed changes to the Call of Duty formula. Call of Duty gets a shot of adrenaline in the just released multiplayer trailer below.

Like Titanfall earlier this year, movement is one of the biggest features in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The exoskeleton we saw in the single player trailer plays a major part in multiplayer and lets you boost jump, dash, hover and slide to your heart’s content.

During a nearly 1 hour multiplayer reveal, one Sledgehammer Games’ biggest announcement was a loot system in COD: Advanced Warfare. Looks like this is the year of the loot. There are more than 350 weapon variants with different stats and thousands of pieces of unique gear. There’s also consumable rewards, similar to Titanfall’s burn cards, that give you extra perks or score-streaks.

How the hell Sledgehammer Games plans on balancing this game is beyond me. But, it looks awesome and has me pumped for a COD for the first time since Black Ops.

I’ll have another post up in a little bit talking about everything that was shown at the multiplayer reveal including game modes, perks, E-sports info and more.


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