Call of Duty Ghosts might not be everyone’s favorite COD, but the competitive scene has exploded with Ghosts. The title was recently featured at X-Games Austin and has enjoyed the growth impacting the entire video game competitive scene. Ghosts might not drag in the millions of viewers like DOTA 2 and League of Legends, but it has a rabid fan base.

Gfinity is the latest host for Call of Duty Ghosts as the top teams from around the world fly to the UK to compete. The competition fires up tomorrow as 12 teams compete in group play.

Here’s the breakdown by group.

Group A
– Epsilon Esports
– Exertus Esports
– Curse Gaming

Group B
– Team Vitality
– EnvyUs
– Optic Gaming

Group C
– TCM Gaming
– Faze
– Optic Nation

Group D
– Team Infused
– Team Kaliber
– Evil Geniuses

The Knockout Stage starts early Sunday and will wrap up with the Grand Finals on Sunday afternoon.

Teams to watch for are the fan favorite Optic Gaming and the powerhouse Evil Geniuses.

U.S. watchers will want to set their alarm clocks early as coverage starts at 4am ET on Saturday and Sunday. will be streaming all the Call of Duty Ghosts action this weekend.

Gfinity is also hosting several other major tournaments for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Starcraft II and FIFA 14. Those tournaments will be streamed through Gfinty’s Twitch page.


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