The last few Call of Duty games weren’t all bad. They did give us the ‘Uplink’ game mode. Sledgehammer Games is bringing the mode to COD: WW2 and it’s called Gridiron. Sounds good on the surface, but I do wonder how it’ll play with the strictly ‘boots on the ground’ gameplay. Here’s our first look at it (via CharlieIntel).

COD WW2 Gridiron

Uplink was fun to watch and play because it was tailor-made for Call of Duty’s new movement set. Jumping fifteen feet in the air and intercepting a long toss was thrilling. But how does Sledgehammer bring that same thrilling experience without all the extra movement abilities from the franchise’s past few years?

More emphasis on throwing? Maybe a mode-specific ability like a shoulder charge?

Sledgehammer’s Michael Condrey also gave CharlieIntel a first look at the London map. He described it as a “studio favorite for domination, hardpoint, and TDM, and we think it could be a standout for the competitive season ahead. Also, it’s a lot of fun for the new Gridiron game mode coming at launch.” Here’s how it looks.

COD WW2 London map

Seeing the Uplink inspired Gridiron mode got me thinking about other Call of Duty multiplayer modes. Whatever happened to Headquarters? I guess Hardpoint was an evolution of the mode, but I always enjoyed playing Headquarters back in the Modern Warfare/Black Ops days. Being the last guy alive and holding down the capture point with killstreaks was awesome.

It’d be cool to see the mode return now that we’re back to ‘boots on the ground’ gameplay.

Work on Call of Duty: WW2 officially wrapped up earlier this month.

Now, we wait. COD fans have been waiting for a return to old-school gameplay for two years now. In about three weeks, we’ll see if that’s what we all really wanted.

I know I’m ready. And I’m ready to see what Sledgehammer does with the Zombies mode. These are some of the same folks who worked at Visceral Games and gave us Dead Space. And it shows. That Zombies reveal trailer was downright terrifying compared to previous COD Zombies.

Call of Duty: WW2 is set for a November 3rd release.

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