Everyone who played the console beta knows SMGs were ridiculously overpowered. Something needed to be done. Still, I’m going to miss ripping through folks with the PPSh-41.

Sledgehammer Games’ Michael Condrey jumped on Reddit to give fans a heads-up on the changes.

“We reduced the damage per second and decreased falloff range across all SMGs,” writes Condrey.

Since rate of fire wasn’t specifically mentioned, it sounds like the change applies to the damage each bullet does. Also, falloff range refers to the damage each bullet does at longer distances. Bottom line, Sledgehammer Games is trying to bring SMGs more in-line with other guns. Or at least, give us a little incentive to try other guns. Why go with a rifle when an SMG can out shoot it.

Obviously, the data gathered from the console beta showed there was a problem.

Sledgehammer will use the PC beta to gather more data on weapon balance and see if any more changes are needed.

The devs also nerfed (increased) the recoil for the STG44 Assault rifle.

SMGs are always a point of contention in Call of Duty games. Certain weapons always float to the top, but it’s clear SMGs were a little too strong. The problem doesn’t always lie with the weapon though. Map design is also a big influence. Smaller maps with short sight lines will always favor SMGs and their higher rate of fire.

The key is making enough maps that cater to the strengths of each weapon. In a perfect world, each map would be designed to work with all guns. Long sight lines on one part would favor sniper and assault rifles. A maze of tunnels and buildings would give SMG and shotgun players the tight spaces they need.

The problem with the SMGs before this nerf was they could reach out and kill at any range. The drop in fallout range should help. We’ll see if the drop in damage per second has any big effects in close-quarter shootouts. I’ll jump on the PC beta tonight to see how big the changes are.

Have you tried out the PC beta yet? What do you think of the SMGs now?

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